UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS執行理事会 第一回定例会合(UNFPAセグメント)における星野大使ステートメント

(Check Against Delivery)
Mr. President,
Executive Director,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would first like to congratulate UNFPA and the Governments of Kenya and Denmark for hosting the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25 last November, leading to its remarkable success. I would particularly like to commend that not only did governments including ours, but also various organizations, including from the private sector and civil society, made commitments to achieve the ICPD Programme of Action.
Today, faced with increasing humanitarian crises, we recognize that women and girls are among the most vulnerable and marginalized populations. As we committed at the Nairobi Summit, Japan will continue to ensure access and service to those populations in need through supporting UNFPA, in line with the efforts to achieve Universal Health Coverage and the concept of Human Security to leave no one behind.
Furthermore, as this year marks the 25th anniversary of the World Conference on Women in Beijing, we welcome efforts in Geneva to strengthen UNFPA’s capacity for humanitarian assistance, enabling the organization to respond promptly and effectively to humanitarian crises, especially with regard to Gender Based Violence.
Mr. President,
Declining birthrates and population ageing are growing challenges in the field of population and development. As for population ageing, Japan, with the most aged population, has been sharing its experience and expertise in addressing this challenge in various global fora. We also continue to expect UNFPA to address declining birthrates in the context of reproductive health and rights, as well as unmet needs for family planning. While Japan is ready to share its lessons learned on emerging realities of such global importance, we encourage UNFPA to incorporate population aging and low fertility as we undertake the Midterm Review this year, so that they can be meaningfully be addressed in UNFPA’s next Strategic Plan.
This year, Japan will host two relevant global events. The first event is the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit to be held in December this year. Since the theme of the fifty-third session of the Commission on Population and Development in April is “Population, food security, nutrition and sustainable development,” we expect the outcome of the Commission to have a positive impact on the Nutrition Summit.
The second event is 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, which Japan will be hosting from July to September. Taking this opportunity, under the concept, “Be better, together,” we wish to build momentum together with all our partners and to share models of problem-solving toward the achievement of the SDGs.
In this regard, we would like to reiterate Japan’s commitment to support UNFPA, in close collaboration with its Tokyo liaison office, to make the most of these opportunities to realize a world where no one is left behind.
I thank you.