Statement by Mr. Junya Nakano, Minister, Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, at the Annual Session of the 2019 Executive Board Of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS: UNDP Segment

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Mr. President, 
< UN Development System Reform > 
At the outset, Japan would like to commend UNDP for playing a central role in key aspects of the UNDS reform by enabling the seamless and successful transition to a new Resident Coordinator (RC) system. We greatly value the increase in service delivery that was achieved through UNDPs efforts to increase resources and efficiency during the difficult time of reform. We count on UNDP to continue its contributions to reform in order to achieve more coherent and effective support on the ground based on its long-standing experience and knowledge.  In this connection, we would like to request UNDP to re-deploy the efficiency gains toward coordination in addition to development activities, in line with GA Resolution 72/279. 
< Financing the SDGs > 
As the world still faces a critical challenge in funding the SDGs—with each year accumulating a funding gap of an estimated 2.5 trillion US dollars—the importance of innovative financing as a catalyst to mobilize private finance is growing.  
In addition to impact investment and blended finance, it is important to deepen the understanding on the international solidarity tax, which is a small levy charged to trans-boundary economic activities. As this year’s holder of the presidency of the Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development, Japan hopes to lead the dialogue in this area, building on the knowledge and insights of DESA, UNDP and OECD. 

< Financial Situation for 2018 and Japan’s contribution in 2019 > 
Japan continues to operate under severe fiscal constraints, but in view of our high evaluation of UNDP and our understanding of the importance of regular resources, we plan to make a contribution of 64.5 million US dollars to UNDP’s core resources this year, an increase from last year.  
As for other resources, we have already disbursed $162 million US dollars. These contributions are in line with both the UNDP Strategic Plan and the Country Program Documents, which correspond with the needs of the program countries. We expect that services of high quality will be delivered by UNDP on the ground. 
< Cooperation on climate action >  
Through the provision of insights in the area of climate action and mitigation, UNDP is contributing to the G20 process chaired by Japan this year. Japan will contribute to support developing countries through ODA, OOF and private finance mobilized by public interventions towards its commitment to provide 1.3 trillion yen in financial support to developing countries in 2020.  
< Japan–UNDP Partnership > 
The importance of the human security approach is increasing in the era of the SDGs. We look forward to UNDP’s effort to shed a light on the human security approach in the context of the SDGs era.  
Japan is hosting Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 7) in August of this year. Japan looks forward to its continued close collaboration with UNDP, as well as World Bank and the Commission of the African Union, as co-organizers of the conference.  
Thank you.