Statement by H.E. Ambassador SHINO Mitsuko, Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations, at the United Nations Security Council meeting on “Maintenance of Peace and Security in Ukraine”


Thank you, Mr. President.
I thank Ms. Msuya for her valuable briefing.
Just over three weeks ago, this Council was convened to address the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, focusing on the ongoing attacks on energy-related facilities across the country.  Today, we have come together once again to confront the grim reality caused by the escalating attacks in the Kharkiv region.

It is deeply regrettable that, in today's briefing, we were reminded of the numerous and increasing civilian casualties resulting from the clear violation of the UN Charter by a permanent member of the Security Council.
Russia’s unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine has led to the deaths and injuries of countless innocents, continuing to worsen the humanitarian crisis on the ground.
Japan expresses its deepest regret over the necessity to repeatedly condemn actions such as the recent attack on a residential area in Kharkiv that resulted in civilian casualties and hindered rescue efforts.  Local authorities reported the evacuation of over 11,000 people from the Kharkiv region due to intense fighting. Escalating hostilities continue to devastate people’s daily lives and be obstacles to essential humanitarian efforts.

Since 2022, almost 90 children have lost their lives and over 320 have been injured in the Kharkiv region alone. It is deplorable that this is just a miniscule part of the child victims all over Ukraine. We must never forget child abductions by Russia as well.
Japan is deeply distressed by Russia’s continuous disregard for international law, including international humanitarian law (IHL). Attacks against civilians and civilian objects are clearly prohibited by IHL. The international community will not tolerate impunity for those responsible, and perpetrators of violations of IHL and all other heinous acts must be identified and held accountable.

Japan also calls for the protection of humanitarian personnel and reiterates the need to ensure full, rapid, safe, and unhindered humanitarian access throughout Ukraine.
Furthermore, Japan condemns in the strongest possible terms North Korea’s export and Russia’s procurement of ballistic missiles, as well as Russia’s use of these missiles against Ukraine.  The transfer of these weapons, a clear violation of relevant Security Council resolutions, supports Russia’s war of aggression and increases the suffering of the Ukrainian people. We continue to closely monitor what North Korea gains in return.

Mr. President,
Since the beginning of the aggression, Japan has provided Ukraine more than 12 billion US dollars, including humanitarian, recovery, and reconstruction assistance. Japan will also steadfastly and seamlessly support Ukraine's economic development, from emergency assistance and daily livelihood reconstruction to more advanced stages of industrial rebuilding.
We will continue to partner with Ukraine in its efforts to rebuild lives and create new industries, aiming to establish a strong economic foundation for sustainable recovery and a robust overall economy.
Mr. President,

Once again, we reiterate our clear position to urge Russia to cease its aggression and immediately and unconditionally withdraw from the internationally recognized territory of Ukraine. Japan continues to stand with the people of Ukraine and uphold the UN Charter.