Statement by H.E. Ambassador OSUGA Takeshi, Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations, at the informal plenary meeting of the General Assembly on the follow-up to the UN75 Declaration

(As delivered)
Mme. President,
I would like to start by thanking you, Mme. President, for this opportunity to provide inputs to the SG's report on our common agenda. I also thank the Secretary-General for sharing his outlook on the UN75 Declaration follow-up.
Japan fully aligns itself with the statement made by the Permanent Representative of Senegal, Ambassador Cheikh Niang on behalf of the Group of Friends of Human Security. Allow me to elaborate and add few more points in my national capacity.
The human security crisis caused by COVID-19 has been a strong reminder of the need for a new social contract, not just within States but in the international community as a whole. A contract that spells out our collective responsibility to address the global challenges to people's survival, livelihoods and dignity. In Japan's view, by embracing human security as an overarching concept in advancing our common agenda, the United Nations will better position itself to serve "we the peoples." We should rethink what "security" actually means to people and how the UN can be more relevant.
Among the twelve commitments of our Leaders, I can hardly find one that does not relate to the protection and empowerment of people. Being prepared for future pandemic and realizing universal health coverage; leaving no one behind towards achieving the SDGs; protecting our planet and fighting climate change; promoting peace, preventing conflicts and realizing a world without nuclear weapons; building trust, addressing inequalities and human rights abuses; focusing on women and girls and youth - they are all matters of freedom from fear, freedom from want and freedom to live in dignity. Digital cooperation, sustainable financing and partnerships - they are powerful means of implementation to deliver results to the people, in particular to the most vulnerable.
And for the United Nations to be more relevant, it must deliver. We are in desperate need of an upgraded Organization, capable of people-centred, comprehensive, context-specific, and prevention-oriented responses. Japan supports and highly appreciates the reforms undertaken by the Secretary-General so far, but the UN can do more and better to deliver to the people in need and respond to global human security challenges.
Japan welcomes the recent decision by the GA to rollover the IGN to the next session, with the commitment to “instil new life in the discussions on the reform of the Security Council,” promised by our Leaders in their Declaration. Reform of the Council is urgently needed, not for the States but for the people who will suffer from future conflicts and humanitarian crisis.
Mme. President,
In his vision statement in March, the Secretary-General had made crystal clear that one of the apparent imperatives for the next five years was "focusing on people." We need human security as a guiding principle to advance our common agenda. It should be mainstreamed within the UN policy frameworks and operational activities. Japan stands ready to play its part in putting the UN75 Declaration into action.
Thank you.