Statement by Parliamentary Vice-Minister Mr. Mitsunari Okamoto, at the GOJ reception

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Dear delegations,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,
I am convinced that today’s guests gathering for HLPF are like-minded people who share the determination to create a prosperous and vibrant future through promoting SDGs amid of globalization and common challenges.
As one of the like-minded countries, Japan is proactively leading the efforts for SDGs. At the last month’s SDGs Promotion Headquarters with attendance of all the cabinet ministers, Prime Minister Abe expressed his determination to set SDGs as the pivot of Japan’s national strategies, and presented further strengthened and expanded policies. There are three directions of Japan’s policies.
First, Japan will promote SDGs including through Science, Technology and Innovation, in tandem with private companies. From this perspective, Japan intends to realize human-centered society in which everyone spend their life comfortably, and achieve both economic growth and the resolution of social issues, including through Society 5.0. Japan also would like to play a leading role to promote “STI for SDGs” based on the discussion at the UN STI Forum which Japan co-chaired.
Second, Japan will promote regional vitalization driven by the SDGs, and communicate such local efforts towards the world.
Third, Japan will reinforce international cooperation in the areas of health and education in order to empower the key players of SDGs, women and next generation.
Those three directions can also be described as the following three concepts: “Future technology”, “Linkage of local and global” and “Dream of next generation”. And, “Osaka-Kansai Japan EXPO 2025” is the exact place to materialize these concepts, by designing future society for our life and livelihood.
Japan, in cooperation with the international community, will steadily achieve important milestone towards 2030, the target year of achieving SDGs.
In 2020, 10 years before 2030, Japan hosts the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, and will make them conducive to SDGs. In order to make a final spurt to achieve SDGs, Japan would like to host “Osaka-Kansai Japan EXPO 2025” just 5 years before 2030, and make it an opportunity to gather dream of the people all over the world, and wisdom and technology to achieve SDGs.
I would like to conclude my remarks with asking all of you to accelerate the promotion of SDGs. Thank you for listening.