Statement by H.E. Ambassador Yasuhisa Kawamura Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations Statement after the Vote (Colombia)

Thank you, Mr. President.
We welcome the unanimous adoption of resolution 2377. Japan is pleased to have co-sponsored it.  The first United Nations Mission in Colombia has been a model of success.  We commend the Mission for its efficient and responsible work, including on the process of laying down of arms.  This success was built on the strong commitment of both the Government and FARC to the Peace Agreement.
The UN Verification Mission in Colombia will also rely on the continued commitment and determination of all parties, including on economic and social integration, security guarantees, and full observance of the Peace Agreement.  The “whole-of-UN” approach will remain critical. 
Japan reiterates its support for the parties to implement the Peace Agreement and will closely follow the work of the second Mission. 
I thank you, Mr. President.