Statement by H.E. Ambassador Yasuhisa Kawamura, Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations, at the Second Regular Session of the UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS Executive Board: UNDP Segment

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Mr. President,
Almost a year after the launch of the UNDP Strategic Plan (2018-2021), we welcome the effort by UNDP towards its organizational reform. As a committed partner to UNDP, we are paying close attention to this reform and its results. We believe, that in order to help partner countries achieve the 2030 Agenda, it is essential to concretely identify UNDP’s priorities based on its comparative advantages and to conduct fundraising based on these priorities.
Japan is also paying close attention to the ‘humanitarian-development’ nexus and the role of UNDP with regard to “Prevention”, as emphasized by the Secretary-General. We very much look forward to seeing tangible outcomes of the activities based on the Strategic Plan carrying forward.
Mr. President,
UNDP is expected to continue to play a vital role in the UN Development System Reform now under discussion. We expect the knowledge and experience gained through inter-agency operational services and joint procurement activities will be effectively utilized in the reinvigoration of the RC system, with a view to its operationalization beginning in January, 2019. Indeed, the intellectual and organizational knowledge and experience that has been fostered within UNDP will be indispensable in the transition process toward the realization of an effective UN Development System Reform.
Mr. President,
We are pleased to see that contributions to UNDP continued to grow in 2017, as they had the previous year. We also value the fact that revenues from the private sector, foundations and NGOs continue to grow. We encourage UNDP to continue its efforts to expand its donor-base, which is fundamental to ensuring sustainable funding.
That being said, efficiency in expenditures remains a challenge. We value the fact that the budget has been balanced for the first time in four years through great effort on the part of UNDP. An efficiency gain is expected as a result of the UN Development System Reform from next year onwards. We strongly encourage UNDP to make every effort to secure this efficiency gain.
Japan continues to operate under severe fiscal constraints, but in view of its high evaluation of UNDP, and understanding the importance of regular resources, we have made a disbursement of 63.9 million US dollars to UNDP’s core resources, an increase from last year in terms of Japanese Yen. We are also continuing our efforts to make additional contributions to other resources, and in this regard have already disbursed 152 million dollars this year. These contributions are in line with the UNDP Strategic Plan, the country programs and the requirements from the program countries, and we look forward to seeing high-quality delivery on the ground.
Mr. President,
I would also like to express my congratulations to the newly appointed Directors of the Crisis Response Unit, Bureau for External Relations and Advocacy and the Regional Bureau for Africa, Latin America & Caribbean Regional Hub. I expect powerful leadership will be demonstrated toward the realization of UNDP’s mandate of “Sustainable Human Development”.
Drawing my statement to a conclusion, allow me to reiterate that expansion of the donor base is fundamental to sustainable funding. Building confidence in UNDP and the Strategic Plan will make this possible. We therefore value the transparency and accountability achieved by UNDP.  As Japan will host series of global events in 2019, including the G20 Summit and the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7), Japan focuses on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while continuing close cooperation with UNDP in New York and in the regional offices, as well as at the annual strategic dialogue.
I thank you.