Statement by H.E. Ambassador ISHIKANE Kimihiro, Permanent Representative of Japan to then United Nations, at the Briefing by the Secretary-General on "The New Agenda for Peace, an 'Our Common Agenda' policy brief for the Summit of the Future"


(As delivered)

I thank the Secretary General for sharing his thoughts.
I would like to highlight five points.
First, we highly commend the focus on preventive diplomacy in holistic manner, highlighting diverse elements indispensable for sustained peace such as development or climate change. In this regard, we believe building institutions, promoting the rule of law and enhancing human security in areas such as education and health care, are important. We also strongly support the further engagement of PBC in meaningful manner.
Second, we support the idea of strengthening peace operations by giving them clear and realistic mandates with necessary resources. We also welcome the proposed idea on peace enforcement and are ready to engage in related discussions including the possibility of Security Council authorized AUPSO’s financing through assessed contributions.
Third, Japan joins the SG's strong call for a world without nuclear weapons. We must strengthen the NPT regime and revitalize discussions on the CTBT and FMCT. As stressed in the Policy Brief, all nuclear-weapons States must develop transparency and engage in dialogue for nuclear disarmament. We should modernize our disarmament discussions by addressing new challenges, such as cyber, outer space, and emerging technologies. As stressed in the Policy Brief, we need to develop a common understanding of how to optimize the complex UN disarmament machinery.
Fourth, Japan appreciates the SG’s leadership to facilitate discussions on AI, which we will actively participate in.
Finally, we must strengthen the functions of the entire UN system. The General Assembly should expand its role and take the lead including in cases where the Security Council fails to fulfill its responsibility. Urgent Security Council reform is necessary to reflect today’s realities. Japan also supports enhanced role of the SG.
Japan is fully committed to discussions toward the upcoming opportunities such as SDG Summit, Summit of the future, Peacebuilding Architecture Review and beyond.
Thank you.