Statement by H.E. Ambassador ISHIKANE Kimihiro, Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations, at the United Nations Security Council Briefing, Agenda item “Threats to International Peace and Security”

(As delivered)
I thank USG Nakamitsu for her briefing.

Mr. President,

We have consistently called on Russia to stop its aggression against Ukraine, which is a violation of the UN Charter and international law. Last month, an overwhelming majority of the UN General Assembly called for a halt to this aggression.

However, Russia ignores the voices of the international community and continues its aggression, and Japan condemns the remarks by President Putin about Russia’s decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, which further increases the tension while Russia continues its aggression against Ukraine.

Russia also abuses its status as a nuclear-weapon State with its irresponsible rhetoric. Japan can never accept Russia’s nuclear threats, let alone any use of nuclear weapons. Other Member States should also refrain from supporting such actions either directly or indirectly.

In February, Russia also announced a suspension of implementation of the New START Treaty. Japan deeply regrets Russia’s decision, and calls on Russia to end its suspension of the Treaty and return immediately to full implementation of the Treaty.
Mr. President,

As the only country that has ever suffered atomic bombings during war, Japan is strongly committed to leading international efforts toward a world without nuclear weapons, including the annual General Assembly resolution on the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

It is regrettable that the final document of the Tenth NPT Review Conference was not adopted due to the objection of only one country. It is all the more so in view of the declaration issued in January 2022 by five permanent members of the Council, including Russia.

Japan condemns Russia’s threat to use nuclear weapons as a serious and unacceptable menace to the peace and security of the international community.  The record of 77 years of non-use of nuclear weapons must not be broken by Russia. All of us here need to renew our commitment to working together in order to maintain and strengthen the NPT regime, and to promote nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation as well as arms control.
Mr. President,

Japan urges Russia and Belarus to cease any actions that may increase tensions. And Japan once again stresses that Russia must immediately stop its war of aggression, withdraw all of its troops and military equipment from Ukraine. 

I thank you.