Statement by Mr. Katsuhiko Imada, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, The First Resumed Part of the Seventy-Second Session of the Fifth Committee

(As delivered)
Mr. Chairman,
          At the outset, my delegation would like to congratulate you and the other Bureau members on the successful conclusion of the very difficult Main Session. We think that the decision to amend the duration of this first resumed session starting from today to two weeks, in consideration of the volume of the agenda, was the right decision, and is exemplary of how the Fifth Committee should work.
          My delegation is of the view that it is the duty of the Fifth Committee to complete our work by formal adoption within the schedule, including sufficient and fair time for the Secretariat to process documentation, and that adhering to this duty underlies the credibility of the Fifth Committee.
          Each agenda item to be considered in this session is important for the UN to be able to conduct its work in an effective and efficient manner. Among them, the rationalization of the utilization of travel resources is a matter that any organization should continuously seek. The evolution of and current trends in the Airline industry, as well as the rapid development of communication technology, are strong drivers for making the structure of travel resources more rational. It matters whether or not we can show the world that the United Nations is able to deliver necessary changes in its working culture. With some larger reform agendas ahead of us, it is the responsibility of the Member States to achieve concrete outcomes on this first-step toward “reform” in this session.
          Allow me to conclude by saying that my delegation will engage in all the discussions of this session in a positive and constructive manner with a view to achieving consensus on all agenda items by the scheduled deadline.
I thank you, Mr. Chairman.