Statement by H.E. Ambassador Toshiya Hoshino, Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations, Main Part of the Seventy-Third Session of the Fifth Committee, Organization of Work

(As delivered)
Madame Chair,
At the outset, my delegation would like to congratulate you and the other Bureau members on your election, and especially felicitate the Chair for assuming this important position. We are particularly encouraged by your strong determination to make the work of this Committee even more efficient and effective. Japan will spare no effort to that end and looks forward to working closely with you and all Bureau members.
My delegation also looks forward to working with the members of the Fifth Committee Secretariat and the ACABQ, whose contributions are always indispensable for the work of this Committee.
I also welcome the earlier presence of the President of the General Assembly, Her Excellency María Fernanda Espinosa. her leadership will guide us to a successful conclusion of the negotiations. Under the wise guidance of the President and the Chair of this Committee, all Member States must work together to conclude our negotiations in a timely fashion by the 14th of December. Let’s not consider this deadline of the goal ambitious. With the spirit of multilateral cooperation and diplomacy, more can be done as the PGA said at the very outset. We should collectively retire the unfortunate precedent of protracted negotiations, as seen in the previous Second Resumed Session.
Madame Chair,

In this main session, we have before us a number of pressing and complex agenda items, as we all know, including those related to UN reforms, human resources management, special political missions, and the scale of assessments. Japan strongly supports the reform initiatives taken by Secretary-General Guterres toward making the UN stronger, more integrated, coherent, and accountable, and hopes to see their effective implementation as early as possible. On behalf of my delegation, I assure all my colleagues that Japan will engage in all discussions including on reforms in a positive and constructive manner.
In our deliberations, we will continue to call for strict budgetary discipline as it is indispensable to the successful and sustainable operations of the United Nations. In this connection, we should strive to strictly observe the ceiling of the contingency fund through the prioritization of activities as articulated by General Assembly resolutions 41/213 and 42/211.
Finally, let me assure you, Madame Chair, that my delegation will spare no effort in achieving consensus on all items in a timely fashion, following the long-established tradition of this Committee.
I thank you, Madame Chair. Thank you very much.