Statement by H.E. Ambassador Toshiya Hoshino, Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations, at the Eleventh Session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Agenda item 5(a): General Debate

(As delivered)

Mr. Chair,
The Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities was the first core international human rights instrument adopted in the twenty-first century and, as of today, has been ratified by 177 states parties. We would like to clearly recognize our efforts and success to universalize the Convention, which was one of the initial goals of the Convention. However, the implementations of the Convention by the state parties are still being undertaken. Therefore, this year’s discussion on the “full implementation of the CRPD” is crucial and is a most opportune topic to address.
Japan became a state party to the Convention in 2014 and has actively engaged in the implementation of the Convention. Today, I would like to introduce some examples of the implementation of the Convention in Japan.
In March this year, Japan finalized its Fourth Basic Program for Persons with Disabilities, which is a five-year master plan for policies on persons with disabilities. Since this is the first master plan after Japan’s ratification of the Convention, ensuring the consistency and respect for the principles of the Convention was achieved through basic viewpoints such as number 1, engaging persons with disability in the policy-making process and number 2, respecting the decision-making power of persons with disability. 
Furthermore, it is fundamental to promote taking effective measures through the Plan, Do, Check and Act, or PDCA, cycle in order for state parties to continue to make progress on implementation. Regarding this point, under the current Basic Program for Persons with Disabilities, Japan has set 112 clear benchmarks with concrete goals to realize “Evidence Based Policy Making.”
Mr. Chair,
In 2020, Japan will host the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Taking this opportunity, we are now working as a whole to eliminate barriers for persons with disability and will continue to put in our best effort with the aim of full implementation of the Convention.
Thank you very much.