“Think of Okinawa’s Future in the United States(TOFU)” Program’s Visit to the Permanent Mission of Japan

          On March 19th, twenty students participating in the “Think of Okinawa’s Future in the United States (TOFU)” Program visited the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations.
          The students paid a courtesy call on Ambassador Bessho, during which he explained that the United Nations is a place where people can discuss its three pillars (peace and security, human rights, and development), as well as a variety of other topics, such as culture, education, etc. He also introduced how representatives from many nations carry out these discussions in the United Nations.
          Afterwards, the students asked questions on a variety of topics including Japan’s role in the United Nations, how Japan and the UN support impoverished countries, the role of women in society, education in developing countries, etc. Ambassador Bessho thoroughly answered all of their questions, allowing for an interactive discussion in a casual setting.
          Earlier that day, students from the TOFU Program listened to a lecture by Mr. Shigeki Komatsubara, who is the TICAD Programme Adviser for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Regional Bureau for Africa. He explained the nature of his work and the reason he started working for the UN, and also touched upon some of his experiences on the job, giving the students the chance to hear firsthand from a Japanese UN staff member.


                   (Ambassador Bessho and students of TOFU Program)                               (Courtesy call on Ambassador Bessho)

                       (Mr. Komatsubara and students of TOFU Program)                                            (Lecture by Mr. Komatsubara)