Statement by H.E. Ambassador Koro Bessho Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations Statement After the Vote (Colombia)

Thank you, Mr. President.
I would like to warmly welcome Her Excellency Foreign Minister Holguin to the Chamber.  Japan welcomes the unanimous adoption of resolution 2366 and is pleased to have co-sponsored it.  We commend the commitment of the parties to the implementation of the Peace Agreement in Colombia.  The Council has responded to this commitment though today’s resolution.
Japan congratulates Colombia on the historic completion of the laying down of arms on 27 June.  This is a major step forward for reconciliation, and the path to lasting peace will rely on the firm commitment of the parties.  We hope that Japanese support for the rehabilitation of victims, post-conflict assistance such as demining and various other efforts, will contribute to the peace process and ultimately to social and economic development for the people of Colombia.
Much hard work lies ahead.  A successful reintegration process is vital to sustaining peace.  We appreciate Colombian initiative for the socio-economic reintegration of ex-FARC combatants, and emphasize the importance of Government efforts to foster self-sufficiency through capacity building and education.  Proactive security efforts are also needed to secure the vacated areas, deal with armed groups and FARC dissidents, and protect community leaders and human rights defenders. We will strongly support these activities, including via the United Nations Verification Mission, but, of course, the Government’s role will be central.
Japan will work closely with Colombia and the United Nations to support the parties in implementing the Peace Agreement, and continues to stand with the people of Colombia.
I thank you, Mr. President.