2003 Statement


H.E. Mr. Yoshiyuki Motomura

Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations

At the Open Meeting of the Security Council on the Situation in Kosovo

30 October 2003

Mr. President,

Thank you for convening this open meeting of the Security Council concerning the situation in Kosovo. I would also like to thank Special Representative of the Secretary-General Dr. Harri Holkeri for his comprehensive briefing.

Mr. President,

First, Japan welcomes the direct dialogue that began among the representatives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the representatives of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) and the authority in Kosovo on the 14th of October in Vienna. We believe that this dialogue is the outcome of sincere efforts on the part of the parties concerned and is an important step toward the resolution of the Kosovo issue. We strongly hope that confidence between the parties will be built by continued dialogue, leading to a concrete agreement on the various issues that Kosovo is facing. We would also like to express our deep respect and thank for the strenuous efforts by Dr. Harri Holkeri to initiate this dialogue.

Mr. President,

The Japanese Government considers that the issue should be resolved based on UNSC resolution 1244 and the "Standards before Status" policy, and urges all the parties concerned to adopt a cautious and restrained attitude. Regarding the "Standards before Status" policy as the one and only tangible method for resolving the Kosovo issue, my government has extended in the past humanitarian and reconstruction assistance amounting to approximately $187 million, in a variety of areas including refugee returns, housing and electricity.

Mr. President,

We are carefully watching the developments in relation to Kosovo, including this direct dialogue, and, in cooperation with the international community, intend to maintain our commitment to achieving the stability and prosperity of the South Eastern Europe region, under the recognition that the stabilization of the situation in Kosovo is essential for that goal.

Thank you, Mr. President.