2008 Event


Ikebana Miyauchi-Ryu 10th Anniversary of Supporting Activities for the United Nations

November 12,2008

On 12 November 2008, the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, along with the United Nations Book Club and the Japan Foundation, sponsored a reception for the 10th Anniversary of Ms. Miyauchi’s Supporting Activities in the United Nations Secretariat Lobby.

Ms. Nobue Miyauchi, a master of ikebana, or Japanese traditional flower arrangement, celebrated her 10th year of supporting the United Nations through decorating the UN Secretariat Lobby, drawing attention to nature’s beauty. Ms. Miyauchi promotes peace and protection of the environment through her ikebana displays which always include the use of local flowers, stems, and leaves, as well as original vases.

Speakers at the reception included Ambassador Shigeki Sumi, who congratulated Ms. Miyauchi on her dedication to the traditional art of ikebana, as well as Japan Foundation’s Director General Isao Tsujimoto. Their speeches were followed by a short graduation ceremony for Ms. Miyauchi’s ikebana students. Invited guests and United Nations staff enjoyed viewing the autumn showcase of ikebana and a photo exhibition of Ms. Miyauchi’s displays in the United Nations and around the world over the last 25 years.

Ambassador Sumi views traditional flower arrangements in the UN Secretariat Lobby.

Ms. Miyauchi gives her ikebana students graduation certificates.

Ms. Miyauchi demonstrates the art of flower arranging for the audience.