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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Motohide Yoshikawa

Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations

At the Debate on the Situation in Ukraine

March 27, 2014


Mr. President,


         I thank you for holding this important debate today on the situation in Ukraine.

Japan fully agrees to the draft resolution entitled “Territorial Integrity of Ukraine” document (A/68/L.39) and therefore co-sponsored it. I would like to state some key points regarding Japan’s position on this matter.


Mr. President,


        The Russian Federation’s recognition of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea’s independence, along with its illegal attempt to annex Crimea, represents infringement on the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. It is a clear violation of the principles of the United Nations Charter. Whether the international community looks on what is happening in Ukraine as a by-stander or chooses to stand up and take appropriate actions could give a grave impact on how the international community will look like in ten or twenty years.  As the Secretary General recently said, we are at important crossroads.


Mr. President,


        This is not a problem for Ukraine or Europe alone.  Any attempt to change the status quo with force in the background is a serious challenge to the whole international community. No country in the world should overlook an attempt by another state to alter the status quo by such means.


        The operational paragraph three of the draft resolution “urges all parties to pursue immediately the peaceful resolution of the situation.” In this regard, the Foreign Ministers’ meeting between Ukraine and Russian Federation on March 24 is an important step. Continued and serious dialogue between both parties is of crucial importance.       


Mr. President,


        As stated in the draft resolution, we welcome the efforts of the Secretary General, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and other international and regional organizations to support de-escalation of the situation with respect to Ukraine. Japan is ready to support such initiatives and decided to contribute 100,000 euros to the activities of the OSCE in the field of promotion of political dialogue in Ukraine.


        At the same time, in order to ensure the economic stability of Ukraine, which is now facing severe financial conditions, strong support by the international community is indispensable. In this spirit, Japan has decided to make a financial contribution up to 1.5 billion dollars for the stability and prosperity of Ukraine.


Mr. President,


        I would like to conclude by saying that Japan will vote in favor of the draft resolution. I further reaffirm Japan’s commitment to the pursuit of a peaceful solution to the situation in Ukraine, working in close cooperation with the United Nations and other international organizations. Japan will remain deeply seized of this matter and continue to play an active role.          


I thank you, Mr. President.



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