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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Jun Yamazaki

Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations


Agenda item 136: Improving the financial situation of the United Nations

Second Resumed Session of the Sixty-Eighth Session

Fifth Committee of the General Assembly

15 May 2014


Mr. Chairman,


            At the outset, I would like to thank Mr. Yukio Takasu, Under Secretary-General for Management, for providing update on the financial situation of the United Nations including today’s additional information. I wish to briefly comment on the matter.


            Notwithstanding the fact that Japan’s budget cycle is different from that of the United Nations, my delegation is especially proud to note that, as Mr. Takasu mentioned in Chart 27 of his presentation last week, Japan has paid in full all assessments for the Regular Budget, Peacekeeping Operations, the International Tribunals and the Capital Master Plan that are due and payable. We made all those payments in a timely manner because we recognize that it is a responsibility under the Charter for a Member State to pay its assessments. Japan has once again discharged its international commitment to contribute to international peace and prosperity, in spite of the enormous domestic financial difficulties.  


            My delegation would like to state that, in addition to the above, with regard to the 2014/2015 peacekeeping operations budgets, should the General Assembly approve those budgets as appropriate, my Government has made considerable domestic coordination efforts to make it possible for it to pay its peacekeeping assessments earlier than in previous years, notwithstanding the difference in the budget cycles of Japan and the United Nations. In this connection, we hope that Member States will be able to conclude by consensus the various items before the scheduled end date of the second resumed session.


            My delegation was encouraged by the statement of the Under Secretary-General that “the financial situation at the end of 2013 was generally sound.”  At the same time, my delegation took note of what the Under Secretary-General pointed out with regard to the effect of resolution 68/247B and the possible impact on the overall cash position of the General Fund.  As the Under Secretary-General mentioned, we would expect the Secretariat to closely monitor the cash position and inform the General Assembly appropriately.


Mr. Chairman,


            My delegation would like to reiterate its request to the Secretariat that the resources contributed by Member States be utilized in the most efficient and effective way when implementing mandates.  In doing so, the Secretariat can also draw on the continuing efforts and experience that the Member States are undertaking in their own countries.  The General Assembly should try to aim for a reasonable and practical solution when discussing the various budget proposals. 


            Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  


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