Statement by H.E. Mr. Kazuyoshi Umemoto

Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations

At the Briefings by the Chairs of the Subsidiary Bodies

Of the Security Council

28 May 2014


Mr. President,


     At the outset, I would like to thank the Chairs of the Council’s three counter-terrorism-related committees for their comprehensive and respective briefings.


Mr. President,


     As several other colleagues have mentioned, the threat of terrorism is still a reality. We are all deeply enraged by the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls by “Boko Haram”, which has renewed our determination to fight against terrorism. Any violence committed by terrorists against innocent people cannot be justified on any grounds or for any purpose. Japan firmly condemns any act of terrorism.


     The international community should continue to work together to eliminate all kinds of violence. In this context, since we are now under the process of the fourth U.N. Counter-terrorism Strategy Review, there is no doubt that this opportunity can serve to enhance awareness of the importance and necessity of counter-terrorism measures and further promote Member States’ efforts. Japan has participated in the process in a constructive manner in order to achieve these purposes.


Mr. President,


     Taking this opportunity, we would like to suggest a renewed focus on the importance for each relevant body not only to work individually in an effective manner, but also to work in close coordination with other relevant bodies to generate a synergy effect. For example, Japan highly appreciates the initiative by the Chair of the 1540 Committee for organizing the Open Briefing to Member States on 28 February with the presence of Mr. Kunio Mikuriya, the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization. Japan would like to support such ongoing cooperation among the three committees and other relevant organizations.


Mr. President,


     In commemorating the 10th anniversary of the adoption of Security Council resolution 1540, Japan highly appreciates the initiative by the Chair of the 1540 Committee to hold a Security Council Open Debate on 7 May and strongly supports the Presidential Statement adopted on that occasion.


     As many States stated at the Open Debate, and as mentioned in the Presidential Statement, resolution 1540 has played a significant role in promoting the importance of non-proliferation efforts. At the same time, we have to make further and continued efforts with a view to achieving its full implementation. In this context, we commend and fully support efforts by the Chair of the 1540 Committee to strengthen its activities, such as raising awareness of the importance of non-proliferation efforts, in particular among high level policy-makers.


     For its part, Japan intends to advance its activities in support of resolution 1540, among others, in collaborating with the 1540 Committee and its Panels of experts, and in organizing relevant seminars in Tokyo and in New York. I would like to reconfirm Japan’s strongest support and continued commitment to be deeply involved in the long-term process towards full and universal implementation of resolution 1540.         


Mr. President,


     Finally, let me introduce briefly our recent efforts to fight terrorism. Japan has continued support for the international community, especially in the field of capacity-building. After the last briefings, Japan newly pledged approximately 3 million US dollars to support capacity building through UNODC in the Middle East and Africa, to strengthen the legal regime against terrorism as well as criminal justice and law enforcement capacities.


     Japan has also conducted dialogues and consultations with several countries to enhance abilities on coping with terrorism and share the practices and lessons-learned. Last December, the leaders of Japan and ASEAN countries decided to strengthen cooperation in this area at the Japan-ASEAN Commemorative Summit in Tokyo. And tomorrow, we are going to hold the ninth Japan-ASEAN dialogue on counter-terrorism in Singapore.


Mr. President,


     Japan expects that the three committees will continue to carry out their roles actively. And we will continue to support the efforts dedicated by the three committees.


I thank you.

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