Statement by H.E. Mr. Kazuyoshi Umemoto

Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations

At the Briefings by the Chairs of the Subsidiary Bodies

Of the Security Council

10 May 2013


Mr. President,


I would like to express my appreciation to the dedicated efforts of each of the Chairs of the Council’s three counter-terrorism-related committees in preparing the respective briefings.


Through many measures taken by the related agencies, the fight against terrorism has achieved steady progress at the United Nations. However it remains deeply troubling that terrorist attacks persist and some have taken place recently in areas such as South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Sahel.


The terrorist attack in In Amenas, Algeria and the latest tragedy at the Boston Marathon have shown us the necessity of increasing efforts to promote the fight against terrorism. In this regard, Japan expects the three committees to coordinate and cooperate closely with Member States and conduct constructive discussions and effective and efficient activities on counter-terrorism measures.


Mr. President,


In In Amenas, 10 Japanese citizens were killed by the attack. There is no excuse for violence against innocent people. We condemn such abject terrorism. In reaction to the incident, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Fumio Kishida, announced the three focused areas in our foreign policy, namely Japan will strengthen international counter-terrorism measures, support stabilizing the regions of the Sahel, North Africa and the Middle East and promote dialogue and exchanges with Islamic and Arab states. Based upon this policy we will take various measures.


Japan will take active parts in the international efforts to counter terrorism not only in the framework of the U.N. but also through the G8 and the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum (GCTF). We hope that the planned visit to Japan by the CTED, led by its Executive Director, further deepen the existing cooperation between CTED and Japan.


Mr. President,


In order to ensure legitimacy and credibility of U.N. counter-terrorism measures, unceasing efforts in this regard must be made by all three committees. For example, it is important to keep updating the sanction lists to reflect the current status of individuals and entities. Japan will continue to work closely with the Ombudsperson and the monitoring team with that objective in mind.


In regards to the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, Japan understands the necessity of establishing this post to ensure consistency and integrity in the field of counter-terrorism at U.N. We should make every effort to pursue true effectiveness and efficiency of counter-terrorism measures at the U.N. by the creation of this position.


Mr. President,


Japan continues to attach great importance to preventing the proliferation of goods and technologies related to weapons of mass destruction (WMD). We have been working closely with the 1540 Committee to strengthen regional and global efforts to better regulate the export and border control of WMD-related materials. Japan invited the 1540 Committee Expert Group to the regional initiatives it has taken, namely the Twentieth Asian Export Control Seminar on 26-28 February and the Ninth Asian Senior-level Talks on Non-Proliferation (ASTOP-IX) on 14 March. Such collaboration with the 1540 Committee has provided an important opportunity for participants in the region. They were able not only to exchange information on effective ways to implement relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions on WMD non-proliferation, but also to understand the recent trend in the illicit transfer of goods and technologies that the world now faces. Japan will continue to actively support other Member States in their efforts.


Turning our eyes to the work of the 1540 Committee itself, we welcome the strong emphasis given by the Chair towards outreach and partnership with relevant stakeholders. We commend the Chair’s efforts to strengthen the Committee’s work by the tenth anniversary of the adoption of the resolution next year. We support the focus given by the four working groups under the committee and understand that respective groups are making efforts to produce tangible outcome. Japan strongly hopes that their activities will become more visible to all Member States as they need to have a strong sense of ownership in advancing the objective set forth in the resolution. As a way of nurturing the ties between Member States and the 1540 Committee to tackle the challenge of WMD non-proliferation, the Permanent Mission of Japan will organize the fifth seminar on non-proliferation and disarmament here in New York on 10 June, partnering with the Missions of Poland and Turkey.


Mr. President,


Japan will continue to cooperate positively in order for the three committees to continuously carry out their roles in full measure.   


I thank you.

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