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Tyhoon Haiyan: Japan’s Assistance to the Philippines (Overview)

21 November 2013

  1. Dispatch of Japan Disaster Relief (JDR) Medical Team (since Nov. 11)

Medical relief activities in Tacloban city, Leyte island and in Basey, Samar island.
(The first batch of JDR Medical Team consists of 27 medical doctors, nurses, and supporting staffs. The second batch arrived in the Philippines on November 20 and will replace the first batch to continue medical activities in the affected area.)

2.   Dispatch of JDR Self-Defense Forces (SDF) Units (since Nov. 12)

Minister of Defense ordered to dispatch JDR/SDF units consisted of app. 1,180 personnel and to form Joint Operations Coordination Center and Joint Task Force for International Disaster Relief activities in the Philippines. 

  • Basic duties of the Force: medical assistance, epidemic prevention, transport of relief supplies, etc.
  • Basic equipment: three CH-47 transport helicopters, three UH-1 utility helicopters, transport vessel "Osumi", escort vessel "Ise", supply vessel "Towada", two KC-767 air tanker, seven C-130 transport aircrafts and U-4 utility support aircraft.
  • More than 100 personnel of SDF has been deployed to the Philippines and conducted medical assistance in northern Cebu Island and Tacloban, in addition to transport assistance by two C-130 aircrafts between Manila, Roxas and other places.
  • SDF also transported emergency relief goods from Japan to the Philippines (paper diapers (app. 1t) donated from Hyogo prefecture) .


3.   Financial and Humanitarian Assistance (52.1 million USD in total)

(1) Emergency Grant Aid: 30 million USD (food, water and sanitation, emergency shelter, etc. through WFP, UNICEF, IOM, etc.)

(2) Emergency Relief Goods: up to app. 0.6 million USD (plastic sheets for shelters, sleeping pads, and other necessary commodities)

(3) Assistance through Japanese NGOs (JPF): 1.5 million USD

(4) Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) of Asian Development Bank (ADB): 20 million USD


 Assistance of the Japanese Red Cross Society

  • Basic Health Care (BHC) Emergency Response Unit (ERU) has been deployed to northern Cebu island.
  • Financial contribution to IFRC and ICRC for the typhoon disaster in the central part of the Philippines. (app. 0.1 million USD each)


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