Press Release

Contribution in Kind to the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS)

31 March 2014

 1. Background

The security situation in South Sudan drastically deteriorated in mid-December 2013 after protests by antigovernment forces began. An enormous number of affected people were created as a result, seeking refuge within UN facilities. Due to these circumstances, the UN Security Council adopted resolution 2132 (2013) in which the military strength of UNMISS were temporally increased in order to protect civilians, as well as facilitate humanitarian assistance. Tents for the increased UNMISS contingents are an utmost necessity. Also, materials for the affected people in the UN facilities are scarce.


2. Overview of Contribution in Kind

On 11 March 2014, in response to a request from the United Nations, the Government of Japan made a Japan`s Cabinet decision to provide the items listed below as contribution in kind in accordance with its International Peace Cooperation Law in order to support UNMISS activities.

    • Tents (4m x 4m) 200

    • Plastic sheets (5 m x 4 m) 4,000


3. These items were airlifted to the Republic of South Sudan on March 26th and were handed over to UNMISS. The airplane arrived at the Juba International Airport at 1 p.m. followed by a ceremony at 4.p.m. with the presence of Ambassador Akamatstu, from the Embassy of Japan , Colonel Igawa, from the Japanese Contingent, and Mr. Egusola, the chief of staff at UNMISS and the press.


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