Sake Tasting Reception

11 June 2014

       On June 11th, Mission of Japan to the United Nations hosted a Sake Tasting Reception at Ambassador Yoshikawa’s residence, cosponsored by Japanese Sake Export Association and Sake Premium Association.


       13 sake breweries from throughout Japan each presented two to three brands of sake from their region, which altogether brought 45 different varieties of sake on the table. What made this event more special is that most sake featured at the reception are available here in New York.


       The reception officially began with Ambassador Yoshikawa’s opening remarks, followed by a brief speech by Mr. Matsuzaki, the president of Sake Export Association, and a toast by a representative. 14 sake masters also gathered for the night to serve and explain the flavor of each drink.


       More than a hundred guests attended the reception, including 18 Permanent Representatives of UN Missions. The event ended with a great success and was widely covered on both local and Japanese media.



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