Lecture to Waseda University Students by Counsellor Kengo Otsuka

16 April 2014

      On April 16th, 13 students from Waseda University visited the PermanentMission of Japan to the United Nations, and received a lecture by Counsellor Kengo Otsuka.


      Counsellor Otsuka began his lecture by raising concrete cases related to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) and explained what kind of relevance discussions at the UN on the “Rule of Law” have in the context of Japan’s diplomacy. In closing, he emphasized that “words” is the most important tool in conducting diplomacy. He also explained that “reading between the lines” is vital in analyzing diplomatic documents and fully understanding diplomacy.


      Students diligently listed to the lecture and raised questions regarding the effect of statements delivered by Japan at the UN. On the question regarding the background and motivation for working as a diplomat, Counsellor Otsuka answered by sharing his real life stories and giving advice to the students.









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