Ambassador Nishida’s Lecture at the Japan Society

29 May 2013

On May 29, H.E. Ambassador Tsuneo Nishida, Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations, delivered a lecture titled "Japan and the United Nations in a Turbulent World," co-organized by the Foreign Policy Association and the Japan Society. Ambassador Nishida described the current world as "far different from what surrounded the United Nations when it was founded in the year 1945,” and stated that in such a situation, "Japan believes and wants to believe the United Nations can deliver more."


For that sake, "the United Nations needs to readjust itself to the new environment and demonstrate that it is able to take the lead in creating the 'Future We Want,'” he asserted. Having specifically explained Japan’s engagement and achievements with the United Nations, focusing on three major pillars, namely, (i) maintenance of peace and security, (ii) social and economic development and (iii) promotion and protection of human rights, Ambassador Nishida referred to the necessity of the organization's reform, stating that the United Nations struggles to adapt to new realities in a timely manner. In particular, he emphasized that the Security Council is one such organ that has not changed significantly from its original form despite profound changes in global realities and therefore its reform is long overdue.


In concluding, the Permanent Representative of Japan raised the “Rule of Law” and “Human Security" as two concepts of great importance for today's world. Underlining the importance that the “Rule of Law” is applied in territorial and maritime disputes, he stated that "any attempts of coercion or intimidation must not be tolerated and all countries concerned should exercise as much self-restraint as possible."


For more information about the lecture, please click the following link.

Speech by Ambassador Tsuneo Nishida at Japan Society





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