Briefing by Minister Nakamae to the Student Participants from Japan of the Global Classroom Model U.N.

15 May 2013

        On 15 May, 12 students from Japan, who are participating in the Global Classroom Model United Nations, visited the Permanent Mission of Japan and attended a briefing by Mr. Takahiro Nakamae, Minister at the Mission.

        At the briefing, Minister Nakamae explained Japan’s responsibilities and contributions to the international community including a discussion on relevance of U.N. diplomacy to Japan’s foreign policy as well as the MDGs, post-MDGs and Human Security, issues on which Japan has been taking strong leadership.


      The students will act as representatives of Croatia at this year’s meetings of the model U.N.  After the briefing, the students participated actively in a Q&A session with the Minister. The students listened intently to Minister Nakamae in order to prepare themselves for the Model U.N.




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