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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Jun Yamazaki

Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations


Fifth Committee

Main Part of the Sixty-Seventh Session

of the United Nations General Assembly

4 October 2012


Mr. Chairman,


            At the outset, my delegation would like to congratulate you and the other Bureau members on your election.  We look forward to working closely with the Bureau, led by Mr. Chairman yourself, who as we know have much experience in Fifth Committee matters.  I believe we are in very good hands.


Now, as we begin the Fifth Committee work in the 67th session of the General Assembly, I would like to touch upon a few points.


First, this main session is scheduled to take up two important issues, namely the scale of assessments and human resources management including the proposed mobility framework.  Both items have great impact on the future of this Organization.  My delegation therefore will be actively and positively involved in the negotiations on these items, so that we may arrive at an appropriate outcome.


Second, my delegation would like to express its appreciation for the Secretary-General’s continued and strong commitment to better manage the  Secretariat and his recent efforts to improve transparency in the area of management.  My delegation is ready to carefully analyze and seek clarification on  the proposed mobility framework, which could result in a more global and dynamic Secretariat.  My delegation also attaches great importance to the steady implementation of the UMOJA project, which we believe will contribute to improving the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of the UN.


Mr. Chairman,


            Third, both the First Performance Report of the 2012-2013 budget and the 2014-2015 budget outline are to be discussed in this session.  From the perspective of applying budgetary discipline, my delegation will carefully scrutinize potential additional requirements for the current budget.  My delegation would also like to request the Secretariat to consider the next biennium budget, not on the basis of just extending the 2012-2013 budget, but on the basis of a true fresh look at needs.   My delegation is also strongly interested in the discussions on the funding and backstopping arrangements for SPMs.  We will take an active part in these discussions.


Allow me to conclude by saying that my delegation will engage in all the discussions of this session in a positive and constructive manner.  We look forward to working together with other delegations with a view to achieving consensus on all items based on General Assembly Resolution 41/213, by 14 December, the scheduled end of this session.  In this context, my delegation looks forward to receiving reports of the Secretary-General in a timely manner.


I thank you, Mr. Chairman.



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