Statement by Mr. Mondo YAMAMOTO

Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations


Briefing of the 2014-2015 Budget Proposal,

Second Part of the Resumed Session of Fifth Committee

Of the Sixty-Seventh Session of the United Nations General Assembly


8 May 2013


Thank you, Mr. Chairman, and thank you, Ms. Casar, for your presentation on the SG’s proposal budget for the 2014-2015 biennium.  At the outset, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the tremendous efforts of the Secretariat over the last five months to meet the GA’s mandated planning level for 2014-2015.


My delegation would like to reiterate that the Resolution on the budget outline for the biennium 2014-2015 was adopted by consensus and that it is imperative not only for us the Member States, but also for the Secretariat to maintain the agreed $5.393 billion envelope as stipulated in the Resolution so that this Organization is sustainable moving into the future.


            While recognizing that this Organization needs to respond to new mandates that may be given to it by the GA, the GA decided last year to set an agreed budget level, which the GA is strongly confident will be sufficient to meet all mandates.  It is therefore the GA’s strong expectation that the Secretariat will be able to deliver the mandates within that envelope.


            Furthermore, my delegation underlines that the GA has given the Secretariat tools to accomplish this task, for example, UMOJA and the comprehensive review of the staffing requirements.  We strongly believe that the Secretariat will be able to stay within the budget level by effectively using these tools.


            Lastly, as we have repeated elsewhere, my delegation will engage in the discussions of this Committee in a positive and constructive manner and looks forward to working with all other delegations toward achieving a consensus agreement on the next biennium budget in the coming fall session.


            Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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