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Statement by Mr. Kazuhiro Kuno

Director, United Nations Planning and Administration Division, Foreign Policy Bureau

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


Agenda Item 136: Improving the financial situation of the United Nations

Second Resumed Part of the Sixty-sixth Session

United Nations General Assembly

24 May 2012



Mr. Chairman,


At the outset, I would like to thank Assistant Secretary-General Mr. Warren Sach, for providing a comprehensive overview of the financial situation of the United Nations.  I wish to briefly outline my delegation’s views on this issue.


First of all, it is the responsibility of every Member State to pay its assessment, in full and in a timely manner.  The Government of Japan has faithfully fulfilled its obligation, pursuant to the Charter of the United Nations.  For this fiscal year, Japan has faithfully implemented such international commitments, as demonstrated by the briefing from the Secretariat, for maintaining international peace and prosperity, in spite of the great financial burdens we face in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake which struck our country last year, and the huge financial requirements for subsequent reconstruction.


In this regard, we were very encouraged by the overview report that states a greater number of Member States have settled their financial obligations in full.  Such an improvement can be attributed to the extraordinary efforts on the part of Member States to meet their obligations under the Charter.



  Mr. Chairman,


Japan would also like to reiterate its request to the Secretariat that it utilize the resources contributed by Member States efficiently and effectively when it implements mandates from the legislative bodies of the Organization.  At the same time, Japan would like to call upon the Secretariat to seek further efficiency, taking into account the domestic efforts made by each Member State.  In this connection, my delegation would like to stress that the General Assembly should scrutinize the Secretary-General’s budget proposals with a view to setting realistic levels of resources necessary to implement given mandates.


Finally, I would like to assure you, Mr. Chairman, that my delegation continues to actively engage in the discussions at the Second resumed session in order to reach a consensus among Member States on all items by the scheduled end of this session based on sufficient explanation by the Secretariat on the proposed budgets.


Thank you, Mr. Chairman.           



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