(As delivered)


Statement by Dr. Eiji Hinoshita,

Counsellor of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations


Thematic Debate on Water, Sanitation and Energy

19 February, 2014




Madam Chair,


Water and energy are both cross-cutting issues, closely linked to various other development areas such as economic growth and employment, urbanization, food security, health and education. We cannot achieve sustainable development without ensuring sustainable water and energy.


Japan takes a great interest in the issue of water and sanitation. We have been assisting developing countries in the field of water management in response to their respective needs by utilizing our world-class water-management technologies, and we are a top donor contributing in the field of water and sanitation.


In this regard, we are duly concerned. We would like to make further contributions to finally solving this global challenge by sharing our various experiences, knowledge and technologies.


In this context, Japan fully concurs that the goal of ensuring access to clean water and sanitation should be integrated into the pot-2015 development agenda.


Madam Chair,


With regard to sustainable energy, the development of renewable energy systems and the improvement of energy efficiency are critical to achieving low carbon growth and energy access globally. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, we have been tackling the urgent challenge of ensuring not only energy security, but also maximizing the utilization of renewable energy technologies and increased energy efficiency. We would like to share our expertise with the world, making use of our various technologies related to energy efficiency, which have enabled us to achieve outstanding advancements in energy efficiency in our country.


Finally, I would like to announce that the World Water Day 2014 ceremony and events, co-organized by United Nations University and UNIDO, will be held on 20 and 21 March in Tokyo. At this event, we will discuss the theme of “The Water-Energy Nexus”. We look forward to using such opportunities as this event to galvanize the discussion on the relationship between Water and Energy.


International cooperation in the field of water and energy is essential. The UN system should further strengthen cooperation with water and energy related organizations and enhance synergies among their work.


Thank you, Madam Chair.



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