2010 Statement


Statement by H.E. Tsuneo Nishida
Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations
At the Meeting of the Security Council
25 August 2010

(Initial Remarks)


          Thank you Mr. President.  Thank you for convening this very important and timely meeting and I also appreciate the presence of representative of Somalia.  


          I would like to thank Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Under-Secretary-General Patricia O'Brien for their statement and briefing. At the outset, as this debate is my first Security Council meeting as the new Permanent Representative of Japan, I would like to ask for the continued support of you, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General, and the Secretariat, the Chair and the members of the Security Council, as well as Member States and others.


          Before delivering the statement I would like to join others in condemning the attack in Mogadishu and express our sincere condolences to the families of those killed in this attack as well as to the Transitional Federal Government.  The Government of Japan will continue to support the transitional federal government and AMISOM to promote Djibouti peace process in Somalia.    


          Piracy off the Coast of Somalia continues to be a serious source of concern, despite the high level of engagement by the international community, including the Security Council and the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia. The issue of Somali piracy does not only threaten regional stability, but it also prevents safe maritime transportation and threatens people and properties of many countries, including those of my country Japan.


(Piracy Prosecution)


Mr. President,


          In order to address the issue of piracy comprehensively, it is essential to ensure the prosecution of suspected pirates, in addition to the various anti-piracy activities of Member States and organizations. In this regard, Japan highly commends the efforts taken by the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, Kenya and the Seychelles.


          We view the Secretary-General’s report as a very good foundation for further considering how to ensure prosecution of those engaged in Somali piracy, as it presents the advantages and disadvantages of various options.


          Considering that piracy is subject to universal jurisdiction, Japan believes that it is appropriate for the coastal states to prosecute those who engaged in piracy and it is important to strengthen the ability of coastal states to prosecute acts of piracy. Japan approaches cautiously the idea of establishing a new tribunal, considering the time and resources necessary to establish it, as presented in the Secretary-General’s report. Furthermore, aspects such as incarceration, extradition, and provision of evidence, must also be considered. We are committed to continue our discussion in various forums, including the Security Council and the Contact Group.


(Japan’s Contribution)


Mr. President,


          Countering piracy is a high priority of Japanese diplomacy and we have been actively contributing to anti-piracy efforts, including through deployment of two vessels of Self Defense Forces, two P3-C maritime-patrolling aircrafts, and by also participating actively in the discussion of the Contact Group since its establishment, which Japan chaired the fourth plenary meeting.


          Japan has also passed Anti-Piracy Measures Law, whereby Japan criminalized piracy domestically, and contributed 13.6 million dollars to the IMO, which is being used to establish a training center in Djibouti and three information sharing centers in Yemen, Kenya, and Tanzania. Japan also contributed 500 thousand dollars to the Trust Fund, which was agreed to be set up at the fourth meeting of the Contact Group under Japanese chairmanship. Our support to Somalia has reached 122.4 million dollars in security sector, humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation of public infrastructure since 2007, provided from the perspective that the ultimate solution to piracy issue rests in stability in Somalia itself.


(Closing remarks)


Mr. President,


          I would like to express Japan’s continued commitment to participating actively in the discussion towards anti-piracy operations and stability in Somalia.


Thank you so much, Mr. President.