2011 Statement


Statement by H.E. Mr. Tsuneo Nishida
Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations
Open Debate on the Situation in the Middle East
26 July, 2011

Mr. President,


I would like to thank the President for giving us the opportunity to address the situation in the Middle East. I thank Mr. Serry for his comprehensive briefing. I would also like to thank Ambassador Mansour and Ambassador Prosor for their respective statements.


Japan strongly supports a two-State solution, under which Israel and a Palestinian State live side by side in peace, security and mutual recognition. Japan supports the vision that the borders under a two-State solution should be defined through negotiations, based on the 1967 lines, with mutually agreed swaps, in a way that will achieve peaceful co-existence of a viable Palestinian state and Israel with secure and recognized borders. Through such a two-State solution, the Palestinians will exercise their rights to establish an independent state, Israel will enjoy a greatly enhanced security environment, and both parties will be able to launch full-fledged cooperation for mutual prosperity.


A two-State solution can only be achieved through sincere negotiations. Japan has been encouraging both sides to resume direct negotiations in cooperation with the international community. Japan strongly supports President Obama’s speech in May which laid out a foundation for resuming negotiations.


We call on both sides to engage with the United States and the international community and to take steps that will create an environment conducive to restarting direct negotiations.


Japan does not recognize any unilateral measures that prejudge the outcome of the final status negotiations. The two parties must abide by their obligations under previous agreements, most importantly the Road Map. We call on Israel again to freeze its settlement activities in the West Bank including East Jerusalem. At the same time, we call upon the Palestinian Authority to continue its efforts to improve security and fulfill its commitments to cease violence and work against incitement.


Japan has been strongly supporting the State-building efforts of the Palestinian Authority and will continue to provide assistance in that regard.


Japan remains concerned about the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. We continue to call for the full implementation of resolution 1860.  Japan is keenly monitoring the Palestinian efforts to establish a unified government that will genuinely seek a two-State solution.


In conclusion, I would like to reiterate our call to the parties to make the utmost effort to resume direct negotiations. Japan, along with the international community, will continue to make efforts to help realize a just and comprehensive peace in the region.


Thank you very much.