2012 Statement


Joint statement by Brazil, Germany, India and Japan
at the Informal Plenary of the Intergovernmental Negotiations
2 May 2012


Mr. Chairman,


I have the honor of making a joint statement on behalf of the G-4.


I thank you for holding this fifth round of exchange of views on the proposals presented by groups of Member States on the issue of the Security Council reform.


I thank Ambassador Paul Seger, Permanent Representative of Switzerland, for his presentation on behalf of the “Small 5”.


Mr. Chairman,


The G-4 shares with the S-5 the aim of a more transparent, accessible and effective Security Council. In our perspective, the draft resolution tabled in March contains a number of positive recommendations that would allow for a greater interaction between the Council and the wider UN membership.


The G-4, in its “short resolution”, has also underscored the need for improving the working methods of the Security Council. We believe that this is one of the issues that have, together with the Council’s expansion on both categories, clearly garnered the support of a majority of Member States.


The positive reaction to the G-4 short resolution attests to the relevance of the issue and to the interest of a great number of Member States in a real reform of the Security Council, with a view to enhancing its relationship with other UN bodies, increasing the knowledge of its daily work, encouraging the level of participation in its discussions and enhancing the accountability of its decisions.


Mr. Chairman,


We praise the realistic and pragmatic approach of the S-5. We commend the S-5’s outreach to Member States, including Council members. We encourage the group to continue this fruitful dialogue with all stakeholders. It should also be noted that the S5 group recognizes that the draft resolution presented is without prejudice to decisions on comprehensive Security Reform.


In this context, let me remind you that the G4 had as early as July 2005, in its draft resolution on the agenda item “Question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and related matters” elaborated a set of nine illustrative measures in connection with the working methods of the Security Council. These measures find resonance with the wider international community.


The G-4 hopes, therefore, that the S-5 initiative will be a first step towards a comprehensive reform of the Security Council. We also hope that the conclusion of the current round of debates will allow for an assessment of the proposals that have garnered greater support from Member States. The G4 members are ready to work closely with you to achieve a concrete outcome during this session of the General Assembly.


In this regard, we maintain our position that only through structural reform - a reform that includes new permanent and non-permanent members - the Security Council will be made more effective and legitimate to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. it is clear that the expansion of the Security Council in both categories and the improvement of its methods of work should constitute the basis for the beginning of a substantive negotiating process.