Remarks by H.E. Mr. Minoru Kiuchi

Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan

At a reception to introduce Mr. Toshihiro Aiki,

Candidate to the ACABQ (2014-2016)


Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations

May 16, 2013



Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


I would like to extend my warmest welcome and thanks to you for your attendance at this reception to introduce Mr. Toshihiro Aiki, Japan's candidate to the Advisory Committee on Administrative & Budgetary Questions (ACABQ). I know that all of you have very busy schedules.


As Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, I am in charge of the United Nations, as well as Asia, Europe, and Economic diplomacy. The Japanese Government, including at the political level, attaches great importance to the activities of the ACABQ and because of this my government dispatched me to New York to hold this reception to promote our candidate Mr. Aiki. Of the four nights of this trip, two of them have been and one more will be spent on the plane. However, I believe my time is well spent if this reception can contribute to your Excellencies’ better understanding of our promising candidate. It is said that an experienced politician can tell whether a person will vote for him or her at the moment of the shaking of hands. I would like to believe that I have been assured, as I greeted each of you today, of your support for Mr. Aiki.


            After the general election held in Japan at the end of last year, a new government was inaugurated which designated Mr. Shinzo Abe as our Prime Minister.

Since then, many of the distinguished guests present today might have heard of ‘Abenomics’. Abenomics, in brief, refers to our government’s bold new three-pronged plan to revive Japan’s economy and resurrect Japan as a center of world growth. The three prongs of this plan are, namely, 1) bold monetary policy, 2) flexible fiscal policy, and 3) a growth strategy that encourages private sector investment.  This three-pronged plan is being steadily implemented.


            Japan places great importance on the United Nations as the cornerstone of its multilateral diplomacy and this support remains unwavering under the current government. Prime Minister Abe declared at his speech to the Diet, Japan’s national parliament, that “Japan will uphold its responsibilities commensurate with its stature as a major power, working towards the resolution of common challenges facing the international community, such as poverty and development.” In order to fulfill these responsibilities, Japan, as the second largest financial contributor to the UN, will continue its utmost efforts to provide its personnel, as well as,  financial contributions to the UN. Japan will also continue to contribute to international peace and security in a proactive manner, including through participating in UN peacekeeping operations. 


Japan believes that the UN should fully implement its mandate in a sustainable manner by effectively and efficiently utilizing its limited resources. To this end, the role of the ACABQ is of crucial importance.


I would like to draw your attention to the strong sense of responsibility as well as the balanced and objective manner with which Mr. Akira Sugiyama, the incumbent member of the ACABQ from Japan, has been contributing to the work of the ACABQ. I can assure you that our new candidate, Mr. Aiki, will follow Mr. Sugiyama’s path with the same dedication. Now let me turn to Mr. Aiki and briefly introduce his accomplishments. 


Mr. Aiki is an experienced career diplomat, whose skill in multilateral diplomacy, dedication to his work and excellent character are well-known among our colleagues in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has served in the Japanese Foreign Service for nearly 30 years. He has obtained extensive knowledge and experience with respect to public administration and the international development agenda. In particular, he served as Director of the UN Administration Division in the Ministry, which deals with UN administrative and budgetary issues. Mr. Aiki also has deep insight into development issues from his direct involvement in the coordination of Japan's Official Development Assistance on the ground. I can assure your Excellencies that Mr. Aiki will make a significant contribution to the work of ACABQ, benefiting all Member States and the United Nations.


            I have heard that the work of a member of the ACABQ, just like the work of a member of national parliament like me requires complete dedication, which means work at night and even during the weekends. I know that Mr. Aiki is both physically and intellectually strong enough to endure this, one of the most challenging positions within the UN system. As Mr. Sugiyama has done, Mr. Aiki will delve into every single item that is dealt with in the ACABQ in a fair manner.


Distinguished Guests,


            I would like to seek your valuable support for Mr. Aiki’s candidature to the ACABQ.


Thank you very much for your kind attention.



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