2010 Statement


Statement by Minister Katsuhide Ariyoshi
Delegation of Japan
On the 32nd Committee on Information
27 April 2010

Mr. Chairman,

I would first like to associate myself with the previous speakers in thanking Ambassador Antonio Pedro Monteiro Lima of Cape Verde for chairing this meeting of the Committee on Information, and I am confident that the current session of the Committee will be successfully conducted under his eminent leadership.  Japan will extend its full support to you and the bureau of the Committee.

I also would like to welcome the comprehensive statement on the activities of the Department of Public Information (DPI) delivered by Under-Secretary-General Kiyo Akasaka and appreciate the reports of the Secretary-General A/AC.198/2010/2, A/AC.198/2010/3 and A/AC.198/2010/4 regarding the DPI’s activities respectively in strategic communications, news services, and outreach services.  I hope that DPI will continue to work to enhance its effectiveness, fulfill accountability, and actively engage in public relations activities of the United Nations by providing timely, accurate, impartial, comprehensive and coherent information.

Mr. Chairman,

Twice recently, our Minister for Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr. Katsuya Okada, visited the Headquarters of the United Nations accompanied by a considerable number of Japanese Press on the occasions of the International Conference towards a New Future for Haiti held on 31st March and the Open Debate of the Security Council on Post-Conflict Peacebuilding held on 16th April.  We are very grateful for every effective and kind assistance extended in those situations by the News and Media Division of DPI, in particular, the Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit.

Japan highly appreciates DPI which works to capitalize on the synergies between traditional and new communication tools.  While the international community has to face the problem of digital divide for developing countries, it is important for us to continue public information activities in a balanced manner for both areas.  Furthermore, we hope that DPI will continue to enhance the efficiency of its activities by coordinating within its organs, networking with other UN organizations, and creating partnerships with civil societies among other groups within its existing resources in light of the importance of financial discipline.

Regarding the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC), our government believes that it is indispensable for UNIC Tokyo to ensure its accountability and would like to continue close cooperation with DPI in order to realize sound management and to strengthen activities of UNIC Tokyo. As the report of the Secretary-General A/AC.198/2010/2 mentions, UNIC Tokyo organized the first “United Nations week” in Japan in partnership with various organizations such as UN entities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 16 to 24 October 2009.  We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the efficient cooperation provided by the Strategic Communication Division of DPI, in terms of reform as well as new initiatives taken by UNIC Tokyo. 

Furthermore, we highly appreciate the valuable collaboration of the Outreach Division of DPI for the exhibition entitled “Against Nuclear Arms” that the Permanent Mission of Japan organized jointly with the Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan held in August and September in 2009, which is also described in the report of the Secretary-General A/AC.198/2010/4.

Mr. Chairman,

            In conclusion, Japan reiterates its commitment to continue its support for DPI’s activities and actively participate in the discussions to be held in this session of the Committee on Information.

            Thank you.