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Stakeout by Ambassador Tsuneo Nishida after the Security Council Meeting on North Korea’s Missile Launch



12 December 2012

On December 12, Ambassador Tsuneo Nishida, Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations, conducted a stakeout with Japanese correspondents after the Security Council meeting on North Korea’s missile launch.


During the stakeout, Ambassador Nishida expressed appreciation for the Security Council’s prompt response to Japan’s request last night to hold a meeting on the missile launched by North Korea. He stated that “although the international community has repeatedly urged North Korea to refrain from launching a missile, North Korea implemented the launch regardless. This is an act of provocation and poses a security threat to peace and stability in the East Asian region.”


Ambassador Nishida also said that “North Korea’s missile launch is a violation of relevant Security Council resolutions such as UN Security Council Resolution 1874, which mandates North Korea not to launch any kind of missile which use ballistic-missile technology. This launch is also inconsistent with the Presidential Statement (S/PRST/2012/13) on North Korea’s missile launching adopted in April this year as well as the Joint Statement of the Six-Party Talks in September 2005. Japan requests North Korea to urgently abide by all related Security Council resolutions. Japan also strongly urges North Korea to take concrete actions to address the issues of abductions, nuclear weapons, and missiles.”


At the Security Council meeting in the morning of the 12th, it was said that many states strongly criticized North Korea’s missile launch and pointed out that this act was a violation of Security Council resolutions. They also indicated the importance of appropriate actions taken by the Security Council. The Moroccan Ambassador, President of the Security Council, further made remarks to the press about North Korea’s actions, and the consultation was left to be continued.


Ambassador Nishida stated that Japan expects the Council to take appropriate actions with regards to the apparent violation by North Korea of the Presidential Statement of April this year. He also express Japan’s intention to work together closely with the United States, Republic of Korea, China, Russia and the related countries in order for the Council to take appropriate actions. 

Ambassador Nisida at press counter