2009 Event


Mission Briefings


The Permanent Mission of Japan held briefings for the following schools and organizations:

Ritsumeikan University (23 February 2009)

-by Ambassador Norihiro Okuda


Rutgers University (6 March 2009)

-by Ambassador Shigeki Sumi


National High School Model UN (30 March 2009)

-by Ambassador Norihiro Okuda

Motor City Model UN (2 April 2009)

-by First Secretary Kiyoshi Wada


Nauset Regional Middle School (3 April 2009)

- by Minister Mikio Mori


Global Classroom (14 May 2009)

-by Ambassador Shigeki Sumi



Kwansei Gakuin University (25 August 2009)

- by Ambassador Norihiro Okuda



Tokyo International University, International Education Program (9 September 2009)

- by Ambassador Shigeki Sumi, Minister Mikio Mori, First Secretary Takashi Kanamori, and Ms. Mari Yamashita of UN/DPA



United Nations Interns (15 October 2009)

- by Minister Mikio Mori, Minister Takashi Ashiki, Counsellor Kenju Murakami, First Secretary Masashi Mizobuchi, and First Secretary Kazuya Otsuka



The Japanese School of New York (3 November 2009)

- by Minister Mikio Mori


Churenkonwakai (4 November 2009)

-by Minister Mikio Mori, Consul Akihiko Sunami, First Secretary Kazuya Otsuka, and First Secretary Toru Namatame


World Affairs Council of Connecticut: Hall High School (5 November 2009)

- by Minister Takashi Ashiki, Counsellor Kenju Murakami, and Second Secretary Kentaro Orita


Kansai Keizai Doyukai (18 November 2009)

- by Ambassador Yukio Takasu

*The Permanent Mission of Japan is pleased to assist students and individuals who wish to learn about Japan’s role in the United Nations. However, the Mission reserves the right to grant requests for briefings at its discretion.

Ambassador Okuda opens the floor to questions from Kwansei Gakuin University students.

Ambassador Sumi briefs Tokyo International University's Education Program participants.

Minister Ashiki expains Japan's humanitarian efforts to the students of Hall High School.

Business sector heads from Japan listen as Minister Mori explains the purpose of Japan's Mission to the UN.

Ambassador Takasu briefs Kansai Keizai Doyukai on Japan’s contributions to the UN.