2012 Event


Briefing by Ambassador Yamazaki to Graduate Students from Nagoya University


18 July 2012      


      On 18 July, 12 graduate students and teachers from Nagoya University in Japan who were participating in the “Overseas Leadership Training on Global Environment” program for 2012 attended a briefing by Mr. Jun Yamazaki, Ambassador at the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations.


      In the briefing, Ambassador Yamazaki first touched upon the structure of the General Assembly and the relationships UN Member States have in the multilateral sphere. He noted the role of the Secretariat in facilitating the work of the Member States as well as the rote of the Permanent Mission of Japan in promoting Japan’s interests. He further explained that the UN is a very important part of Japan’s foreign policy as Japan plays an active role in international politics through the Permanent Mission of Japan to the UN. Amb. Yamazaki went on to describe Japan’s contributions to international affairs such as in assisting UN Peacekeeping Operations in four missions through the dispatch of Japanese peacekeepers, and he further described their active contribution to the operations. Lastly he gave advice to the graduate students who might be interested in a career in the UN.


      During the Q & A session which followed the briefing, a graduate student asked question about Security Council Reform and the position of Japan.



     Students intoriduce theirself to Ambassador Yamazaki   Ambassador speaking to students with holding documents   Students diligently lintening to Ambassador Yamazaki     

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