2006 Event


Gagaku Performance at the Japan Society

28 November, 2006

On 28 November, 2006 the Permanent Mission of Japan, together with the Japan

Society, presented a gagaku performance on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Japan’s membership in the United Nations. This event was sponsored by the International Shinto Foundation. Approximately 200 invited guests attended the event at the Japan Society.

Gagaku is the elegant music of the imperial court, and bugaku is the classical dance often accompanied by gagaku. Members of the celebrated Ono Gagaku-kai Society, the oldest private gagaku organization, performed Hyojo no netori, Etenraku, Bairo, Urayasu no mai, Nasori, and Ryo-o.

The evening ended with a reception with speeches by Ambassador Kenzo Oshima; Dr. Richard Wood, President of the Japan Society; and Mr. Yoshimi Umeda, Director-General of the International Shinto Foundation, Inc.

→Greeting by Ambassador Kenzo Oshima

Amb. Oshima addresses the guests.

Amb. Oshima toasts Secretary-General-designate Ban Ki Moon.