2005 Event


Yokohama Peacekeepers Visit Permanent Mission of Japan

28 October, 2005

On 11 October, a group representing the Yokohama Student Peace Messengers visited the Permanent Mission of Japan. The young diplomats, Ms. Haruhi Sato, a 6th Grader at Morinodai Elementary School, Mr. Naohiro Yamada, a 6th Grader at Higashi Elementary School, and Ms. Ai Saganuma, a 9th Grader at Toda Junior High School, were accompanied by Principal Tenko Kurokawa of Oimatsu Junior High School, representatives of the Board of Education of Yokohama, and Mr.Keisuke Hayakawa, the Director of the New York Office of the City of Yokohama. The students took a commemorative photo with Ambassador Toshiro Ozawa and interviewed Minister Jiro Kodera of the PMJ Coordination section.

The students asked Minister Kodera questions about the role of Japan at the United Nations. Minister Kodera then answered questions about the challenges and the joys of working to represent Japan. The students were also eager to learn how to enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Minister Kodera advised them to study hard in school, especially English. The lively conversation ended with a photo session and presentation of green ribbons symbolizing the Peace Messengers’ mission of helping other people to promote peace throughout the world.

The Yokohama Peace Messengers are the chosen winners of a citywide speech competition on world peace. As part of the process the students raise money to help children around the world and donate a large sum to UNICEF. This year, the Peace Messengers donated $128,448.00 to UNICEF.