2005 Event


G4 Holds Event to Increase Support for Security Council Reform

31 March 2005

At an event held today at the Millenium UN Plaza Hotel, the Group of Four (Japan, Germany, India, and Brazil) presented the essentials of their draft framework resolution that they hope the General Assembly will adopt by this summer. The event was attended by delegates of approximately 140 UN member nations as well as H.E. Mr. Jean Ping, the president of the 59th General Assembly. The G4 was created in order to achieve Security Council reform by the end of 2005.

Within the General Assembly since 2004, 166 countries have stressed the necessity of Security Council reform, and 120 countries have expressed support for an increase in the number of permanent and non-permanent seats on the Council. In March the African Union (AU) also announced its position that Security Council reform should involve an increase in both the permanent and non-permanent categories.

The G4 members took this opportunity to convey to the invitees that the UN must successfully cope with such pressing threats as the spread of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, poverty, and environmental degradation that international society is facing. These countries believe that "an expanded Security Council should include, on a permanent basis, countries that have the will and the capacity to take on major responsibilities with regard to the maintenance of international peace and security."