2012 Event


Stakeout by Ambassador Tsuneo Nishida on the Decision by the North Korea Sanctions Committee

2 May 2012


          On May 2, after the decision made by the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1718 (2006) regarding the additional designation of entities and update on the lists of items to impose additional sanctions towards North Korea, Ambassador Tsuneo Nishida expressed his support to the decision and responded to questions from the press.


          Ambassador Nishida told the correspondents that the decision by the Committee contained two main points: to freeze assets of three additional entities which are involved in weapons of mass destruction programs of North Korea and to update the lists banning the export and import of goods and technology related to nuclear and ballistic missile programs.  Ambassador Nishida pointed out that the three entities had been engaged in North Korea’s illegal activities and expressed his support to the decision.  He commented that this decision contained good substance and welcomed its timely announcement made in line with the Presidential Statement of the Security Council issued on April 16.  He explained that Japan had contributed to the discussion in formulating the package contained in the decision, and continued that it was important for the international community implements these new measures in a steadfast manner.  Ambassador Nishida also stated that on this occasion of the announcement of the Sanctions Committee’s decision, Japan strongly urges North Korea to abide by international obligations including all relevant Security Council Resolutions.