2012 Event


Briefing by Ambassador Kodama to FPA correspondents and Japanese correspondents



28 March 2012




On March 28, the Japanese Mission hosted a briefing by H.E. Kazuo Kodama, Deputy Permanent Representative of Japan, and invited member correspondents of the Foreign Press Association (FPA) and Japanese correspondents.  The briefing focused on the situation of reconstruction one year after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and the area's future prospects, and on a several issues the United Nations faces, including Security Council Reform.


First, Ambassador Kodama expressed his sincere appreciation for the international support Japan has received after the earthquake, followed by his explanation of the steps being taken by the affected area, including Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant, including the accomplishments achieved up until this point.   He then talked about the future prospects of reconstruction and stated that Japan is willing to contribute to the international community by sharing its experience and lessons learned.   Lastly, Ambassador Kodama covered several issues that the UN faces, such as Security Council Reform, the situation in North Korea and in Syria.


During the Q and A session and the reception following the briefing, the correspondents and Ambassador Kodama had a lively exchange of views.


Distributed documents:
Speech by Ambassador Kodama
Plan for Revitalization in Fukushima Prefecture