2012 Event


Overcoming the Disaster: Gratitude to the World at the General Assembly Hall




5 March 2012


On March 5th, 2012, Wakumizu Kagura (a particular type of Shinto theatrical dance), Ondekoza Taiko (Japanese traditional drumming), and other Musicians from Iwate, Japan, performed at the Great East Japan Earthquake Commemoration Concert in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations Headquarters.


One of the main purposes of this concert was to express appreciation to the world for all their support after the disaster. The concert was also to show that the people of Japan have been united since the earthquake and they continue to push forward toward recovery from the tragedy. The final main purpose of the concert was to make Japan’s intention clear that Japan continues its support of people who are affected by all kinds of disasters and conflicts around the world.



             Movie from the concert (UN Web Cast)

             HIghlight (2 minutes 19 seconds)

             Full Version (1 hour 25 minutes)



             Remarks by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


             Remarkes by H.E. Mr. Ambassador Tsuneo Nishida