2013 Event


Briefing by Ambassador Kodama to Students from Ritsumeikan University and Ishikawa Prefecture

12 February 2013

On February 12, 24 students from Ritsumeikan University,located in Kyoto, Japan and 5 university students from Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan visited the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations to receive a briefing by Ambassador Kazuo Kodama, Deputy Permanent Representative.


In his briefing, Ambassador Kodama discussed the democratic movements in the Middle East and Africa, known as “Arab Spring”, the responses by the Security Council towards the movements, and its impact on Japanese diplomacy. Ambassador Kodama also explained the background of the Japanese position on UN Security Council reform and the current status of the discussion.


Ambassador Kodama also touched upon Japan’s cooperation with UN Peacekeeping Operations, human rights, “Responsibility to Protect”, and the nuclear test by North Korea which was conducted a day before the briefing.


The students showed attentiveness and great interest as they listened to Ambassador Kodama's briefing and they actively participated in the Q&A session.



Ambassador Kazuo Kodama having a lecture.








Wide view of meeting room